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Travel with a guide who actually knows the area and can ensure a pleasurable experience. Shouldn’t a travel agent know the area?

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Pay one flat rate for flights, hotels, and guides without the hassle of searching. Pay a flat rate and allow the Experts to book for you!

Value for Money

The US dollar is very powerful in many countries. Have fun and save money. Schedule your trip and pay in installments!

Beautiful Places

The majority of our destinations contain a beach with a warm climate year round. How do you feel about shorts, T-shirts, and flops all day?

Scheduled Tours Flight + Hotel + Guide


Dominican Republic 2019

Experience one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean at an All-Inclusive Resort.

$1,843.00 $1,500.00

Mau Hawaii

The most beautiful beaches in the Western Hemisphere with a touch of a very rich history.


Male Maldives

Beauty is defined when you lay eyes on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

$2,385.00 $1,964.00

London England

A city full of history and excitement. Enjoy all that the United Kingdom has to offer.


Cummings Family Reunion Cruise

Experience a fun filled adventure with the Cummings Family in 2019


Thailand / Cambodia 2018

Experience 9 days exploring the major cities of Thailand along with the temples of Cambodia.

$1,923.00 $1,500.00
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